Why so excited?


My show opens tonight.  This is such a big deal, I wish I had gotten more sleep.

My friend Maggie got married yesterday in a beautiful wedding 90 minutes away.  My husband and oldest son are out of town at a basketball tournament, so I decided to drive home after the wedding  and mind the other two kids. I deliberately drank two cups of coffee with my dinner, to stave off the dark-driving sleepies, and inadvertently, staved off sleepies of every kind.

But my show opens tonight.

So, four hours of sleep or whatever, tonight I get to see my very own work, in a very dark theatre, with a very(?) attentive (?) audience. While I have had productions, workshops and readings before, nothing I have written has ever been graced with the kind of talent and attention this piece has gotten.  Chicago has an amazingly deep pool of gifted theatre artists, and this suburban mom is reaping the benefits of that.  I’m having a little bit of an “embarrassment of riches” crisis.  Do I deserve the time and attention this play has gotten?  Tonight will tell, as will the following two weekends.

The artistic director of the festival told me my show is selling better than the others. I think it’s because there are 6 people in it, one of whom is 13, and because of my massive family, all of whom have been given a specific directive not to speak during the talkback.  Have you ever sat on a lit stage during a post-show and heard your godmother exclaim, “THIS WAS THE BEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN!!!!” I have, and I’ve recovered from it, but I might not if it happened again.


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