Why breakfast and physics don’t mix.


Friday, 7 a.m., a conversation between me, my son Deck (15) and my son Cal (17)

Someone drops a spoon.

Cal: It’s weird to think that, when two objects collide, they come off each other with equal momentum.

Me: What?

Deck: When that spoon just hit the table–they came away from the impact with equal momentum.

Me: But the table didn’t move. It has four legs. It was still.

Boys laugh.

Cal: Not equal speed, Mom. Momentum. Momentum is conserved.

Deck: Mom, you have to think about everything happening in a vaccuum.

Cal: Yeah, a vaccuum.

Me: Well, I don’t spend a lot of time with vaccuums . . . we have mostly hardwood.

Dead silence.

Me: That’s a little housekeeping humor for you right there.

Dead silence.

Me: FML.


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