Monthly Archives: June 2012

Why have I been gone so long?


This can’t happen again.  A lot has been going on, but I shouldn’t not write about it, because the best time to write is when everything is happening.

My show had its three performances.  The last one was the best, with the warmest, largest and most responsive crowd.  One super important person in the house that afternoon was an artistic director of an EQUITY theatre in Chicago, invited by my director, who has since expressed a more-than-passing interest in the play.  The work, therefore, continues!  It’s way more exciting than daunting.  I have such a wonderful director. It’s like, I got the play to a certain point, and she is moving it to the next phase by working with actors and me. It’s encouraging and humbling to have another person so invested in my story.

The last audience also contained a huge number of family, including my father and my husband, both of whom saw it only that one time.  I should say here that the play is a fictionalized version of something that happened in my neighborhood, when everyone learned something about a particular person, and attitudes and opinions changed radically.  Writing the play was my way of processing the events that had taken place after the news broke.  My poor dad was profoundly disturbed.  I think he, like me, never wants his kids to worry about anything, or have to DEAL with anything. But here it was, on stage, being performed by a really competent cast–my worries, my troubles, my thing to DEAL with. I wonder if he’ll see it again if it gets picked up.

Other things that happened: a community production of “Legally Blonde,” for which I was the assistant director and prop person, went up.  I was proud of what we ended up putting on the stage, and the audiences seemed to enjoy it very much, but I had hoped for more joy in the process.  I’m a process person–a writer, a knitter–all the joy is in that making, not in the “having made.”  There was a lot of hand-wringing on this one, a lot of being angry with friends who weren’t keeping up their ends of the deal. Who wants to create like that? Ergh.

Finally, we kicked off our summer theatre kids’ production of “Fame,” nicknamed “Lame,” for the removal of anything remotely spicy. On Thursday, however, a six year old brought it to our attention that “Page six has ‘shit’ on it.” Not the substance, the printed word–so, some cross-outs are in order.

It is my intention to write more focused entries, and not recaps and summaries. There. I’ve put it in writing.