Why you wish I was your mom.


Deciding where to go to college is scary. In my (played one year of grade school hoops) mind, I thought it would be less scary if you were an athlete, but I was wrong. As an athlete who wants to keep playing, you’re obligated to consider every school who contacts you. If you’re not a DI lock, it’s really daunting.

But if I’m your mom, you get an awesome chart:

And you are super, super grateful. Because it took hours. And it has all of the pertinent information regarding most of the schools who have contacted you. And you can reference it at any time.

It’s Chart 2.0, just so you know. The first chart was good, but as we proceeded, it became clear that the information contained on the chart was not the most relevant information. The second draft is most assuredly an improvement.  And there are blank spaces. For all the schools who are still going to call. Let’s go.


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